Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ahem... Pass the Ivory...

Love is in the air.

Despite the constant need for rest and "off my feet" time, and despite the fact that I am in almost constant pain, I am feeling very exuberant tonight.
In a few short days, John and I will be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary.

Fourteen years!
It's simply amazing how fast time is going!  When I tell people that we are about to celebrate this anniversary with fourteen years under our belts, I always get a surprised look.  The look is something that makes me feel both self righteously happy and saddened all at the same time.

I like the idea that about half of the people I encounter see it as a surprise because it means that we have (and will continue to do) accomplished something that isn't always easy to accomplish and achieve.  We have a love for one another that most will never understand.  And it's such a happy and joyous love that the last fourteen years have just  flown by!  These last fourteen years weren't a chore or something to put our heads down and muddle through! 
These last fourteen years have been ecstatic and wonderful!!!
Sure, we have had bad times - We're a pretty poor married couple, but money doesn't always equate to being happy.  How else could we be this cheerful and yet not always have two pennies to rub together?  And my continued health problems have also been weighing us down and testing our love. 
I have to tell you though - the poorer we get and the sicker I feel, that's when we find that we love each other even more...
That's because those times is when we discover (time and time again) that we need each other!  And we have learned throughout the years to depend on one another and to look out for one another!  And that need for each other, that will to survive has only brought us closer together - both as husband and wife, and as the best of friends!

I said before that when people look at me with that silly astonished looks on their faces when we talk about our marriage - our happy and joyous marriage - that it also saddens me. 
That's true too.
It does sadden me.
How can marriage be that difficult to keep together?  How can two people, who have claimed their love for one another, more than likely in front of God and family and friends, not know how to keep their marriages from falling apart?
I have several hypotheses when it comes to this question.  But, for the most part, I think it's because most people have forgotten on how to work at their marriage.  They have grown complacent and lazy.  They threw away their vows and opted for half of everything with every other holiday and summer. 
And that saddens me. 

But, there's no time to be sad!
We're about to celebrate our anniversary! 
I am pretty sure we're going out to eat.  But, the weather may hold us in this weekend.  So, we talked about ordering in and maybe spending some extra time at the old homestead with one another.

I am one lucky girl.
I have - simply put, but very true nonetheless - the world's most amazing husband!
I still can't believe how great of a guy I have!  He takes my breath away every single day - every single day.
If it's not the glance I steal when he's putting on his cologne, it's the way he does the dishes at night.  If it's not the fact that he's rubbing my feet, it's the sexy way he runs the vacuum cleaner in the living room.  If it's not the way he sings (off key and loudly) in the shower, it's the way he dotes on our daughter.  If it's not the fact that he breaks his back to support our house, it's the way he grocery shops every single week. 
So, yeah, he takes my breath away every single day. 

When I look at John and I recall the things he has told me about watching the marriage(s) he grew up with (and of course witnessing some of it for myself), I am surprised at how much of a stand up guy he really is.  Talk about not becoming a statistic!  He's such an astounding and moral and caring guy, that it's so hard to comprehend at times. 
Then again, I can't be too awfully surprised.  I was always told to marry someone who is like my own dad. 
I watched (and still do to this day) my daddy do the very same things for my mom that John does for me - day after day.  My dad really cares for my mom - my dad would steal the moon for my mom - and that was always evident in their marriage!  I have learned that a man should always respect their wives.  Not to berate them, not to yell at them, not to belittle them, and certainly not to abuse them.  I have learned that a man should always care, honor, and appreciate their wives.  Of course, it's the same for women as well. 

I always cringe when I hear people say that marriage is 50-50.  Ugh... That's the farthest thing from the truth!  Marriage only works when it's both people putting in 100% of their time, devotion, and compassion!  If I only gave John half of what I had to offer, our marriage would've ended a long time ago.  Same goes for John as well.  If I only got half of him, I don't think I'd be sitting here tonight blogging about how incredible my marriage is.

The hardest my marriage was - and I think this is true for most marriages - was the first year we were married.  I think we fought at least once a week for almost the entire year.  Ha!  The fights we had!  We broke a lot of dishes that first year! 
Ahhh... But, that was so long ago!  And let me tell you, I am still so fascinated by my truly happy and healthy marriage. 

So, how can two people who have very little in the form of materialistic possessions still be so unbelievably in love?


All of those things equal a wonderful marriage!

                                                      John and me (at the JOP) on our wedding day... <3

                                                                                   The appropriate gift (for 14 years) is ivory... :)

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