Sunday, November 17, 2013

This and That part 5

Our Christmas decorations are up.  We have a combo of steady and blinking lights.  And our little tree is still erect (hehehe... yup, I said erect) and only has lights on it this year.  I didn't bother with the garland or ornaments this year for our little six foot tree, only because we have a new kitten in the house who will be experiencing his very first Christmas.
I kind of like my old and vintage Christmas tree ornaments, and I would hate to have to kill my Apollo for taking one off of the tree to make it his very own play thing.  Besides, he was so in love with all of the lights that I know - I KNOW - I made the right decision.  Who needs to be screaming at a kitten during the holiday season, grabbing the migraine medicine and ripping the hair out? 
Not this blogger.... that is for sure.

We also started to plan our Thanksgiving feast.  I am super excited about it this year. 
Not only are we staying at home, and quite possibly in our pajamas all day long, but John has told me that he will be preparing most of the meal for me. 
Why is he doing the cooking, and not me? 
One, because he loves me.  He recognizes the agony I go through every day thanks to my small fiber neuropathy.  He wants me off my feet and on the couch cuddling with Olivia while watching holiday programming.  Bring on the parades!
Two, because I think he wants to prove (to himself) that he can.  That man has gotten so creative in the kitchen since he started to do most of the cooking.  He has surprised me numerous times with the things that he comes up with... Some tasty treats have been made by his hands....

So, anyway, we were invited to a few places for Thanksgiving, but have decided to spend a stress free and turkey aroma filled day in our home watching the parade and sneaking little bits of turkey into our mouths while waiting for the rest of the dinner to be made.
That makes me very, very thankful...

Now, on to other news.

I am on yet, another pain killer from my pain management doctor.  I've said it with the two I've had and I'm saying it again.  I am hopeful these will continue to work. 
I have some times when I seriously want to soak my feet in ice or just saw them off completely - I mean, you try dealing with (what can only be described as) broken glass in your feet.  There are times when it feels as though my feet are both extremely hot and unbearably cold - all at the same time!  And then there are other times when I feel as though I have an unprecedented sunburn on my feet, and someone is poking me with a million tiny little needles - day in and day out. 
I think I can say with certainty that I need some pretty powerful and potent pain killers.  And I'm on an entirely new class of them this time.
When John and I were at the drive thru at the pharmacy, he handed the girl our script and she said, "Sylvia, I know that I know you.  But, I have to look at your license anyway."   We were also told that the pharmacist was the only one allowed to fill my particular drug. 
So, these new pills are working, as they are quite powerful.  And I really hope and pray that their longevity in killing my agonizing pain will continue.  I can only cry into my hands so much before I highly consider putting a gun to my temple.

Speaking of my pain, I have been getting crazy high numbers for blood sugars.  I have noted and let the endocrinologist know that I will be needing an additional two bottles of insulin per month to make it through.  I have a feeling that it's because of my extreme misery that my blood sugars are being so radical.  Because it's the leading cause of my small fiber neuropathy to begin with.  High blood sugars over an extended period of time does, in fact, cause neuropathy. 

I am praying constantly for a cure - not just for type 1 diabetes - but for neuropathy as well.  There has got to be a permanent fix for it!  I would be first in line for human trials if medical science got close to it.  This agony and severe discomfort isn't meant for anyone.  I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. 

Let's see...
What else...

Oh yes.  Olivia got an A+ on her Martin Luther King Jr. project.  She was so thrilled.  She was the first one in her class to bring her poster board in, and she says hers looks the best too.  To which I replied, "Of course it is.  You made it."   She just smiled her perfect smile and as she walked into her bedroom to - as she puts it - listen to her Ipod, I felt a sudden rush of satisfaction and delight for I am a proud mom! 
Olivia has such an artistic touch and has an amazing talent.  Not only can my daughter whip up a good written story (yeah, she gets that one from me) but she can draw a flower like nobody's business.  I have a box full of artwork and crafts that my daughter has made me - up in my closet.  On a shelf, and every now and then, I pull it down to look over all of her handiwork. 
I have to say, John and I really know how to produce a great child.  :)   I like to think that she gets all of her good stuff from me... LOL!   Of course though, she gets a lot of who she is from the two of us combined.  The good and the bad.  But, all Olivia... All Olivia....
I guess that about does it for now.  I'm off to bed and under the covers. 

Goodnight my few, but dear readers. 
And thanks for reading...

                                          Olivia with John and me... <3

how my feet feel most of the time...

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