Saturday, March 1, 2014

May You Truly Rest In Peace Our Beloved Molson

What a difficult morning it is here in our household.

When I finally opened up my eyes this morning, the sun was shining, I could hear birds singing, and I could feel Apollo at my side still slumbering away.

What a false sense of a good morning that the bright sunshine brings.

Those words will probably not escape my lips today.  I am unsure as to how many mornings I will feel this way.

I do know that this morning may be the toughest.  Just like coming home last night, and not seeing him greet us with his wagging tail and (smiling) happy face.  

Oh!  What a hole there is in my heart!  He was such a great companion!  Even at the end, as he lay in his chair just staring at us from across the room with his big innocent eyes - he'd patiently wait for us to finish with our slice of pizza or he'd just sit and wait for us to become full from what was on our plates. 

Yes, our Molson was a great companion.  He really did bring lots of joy and laughter to our otherwise boring lives.

There are a million different memories that I could pluck from right now - trips to the Homestead as he ran after the stick, ball, or rope.  Trips to Monacacy Hill as he begrudgingly followed us up the unending hill anxious to get back to the jeep to rest his legs, but stayed happy because he was out and about with his family.  The many times when our own cat would get bored with that red laser and he would just chase that thing around, bumping into everything in his path so he could just kill it.  The countless number of people he was willing to kill for us just because they were knocking on our front door.  The few times we had him camping with us that he completely just wimped out on.  (LOL!  He really hated tent camping)  The amount of family and friends who told us just how cute he was despite how big his head was and how mean he might look to a complete stranger.  The many kisses on my face that I have absentmindedly wiped off.  The white spot he left on the chair in our living room.  

There are many many more memories that I have with him... That we have with him.  

Coping with the loss of our Mol Mol will not be something I will enjoy doing.  As I type this, I cry.  As I tired to sleep last night, I cried.  As there is nobody begging to be let out to go to the bathroom, I will cry.  

My John and my Olivia will be joining me as I cry.  And that makes it hurt that much worse.

The Olley's have suffered a great loss yesterday.  

Our Molson will not be forgotten.  He was a loved buddy.  He was the world's awesomest pizza lover.  
I will miss that big head of his.  I will forever miss that bark of his.  

Molson, may you rest in the most peaceful of peace's.  Run around in your Dog Heaven.  Tell Shy-Anne, Mary, Jasmine, Midnight, Hawthorne, Chopper - and every other good dog up there "hi" for us.  

We love you Molson... 

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