Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Brief Post.

I apologize for my absence and would like to thank you all for continuing to read my blog, even if I'm not always posting.
I know many of you are on Facebook with me and know what has been going on, but for the rest, I will just say that life has gotten a little busy and slightly scary - medically speaking, for me anyhow.
I think in April alone, between Olivia and myself, we have 6 different doctor's appointments lined up.  Starting April 1st, I will have a really nice Medicare Assurance plan that will help pay for everything that my original Medicare wouldn't pay.  So, I am going to take advantage of that and get myself to the eye doctor to get new glasses, and to have my retinopathy looked at.  I also have two sleep studies to go to in April.  My first one is two weeks into the month.  I can't wait to see the looks on their faces (I probably won't, but I can imagine) while they look over the brain wave activity when I'm having one of my night terrors... LOL!

Family wise - John and Olivia are doing well.  We are still trying to get over losing our buddy Molson.  But, with each new day comes a little bit more of "normalcy".  Which is always a good thing.  We do still hear him thought.  Throughout the house.  For instance, I know I woke up the other night and heard him lapping up water from his bowl.  And we both hear him walking across the kitchen floor.  Sure, he's gone.  But, how gone is he if we still continue to hear him?  (I put a video link that I made in honor of our  Molson in this post)

As far as other "family" goes... Well, let's just say that aside from "unread and quickly deleted" texts that someone tried to send to John, it's been quiet on that front too.  Which is really refreshing!   I think that they may be getting a little antsy because it's been so long since they have had a real conversation with any of us.  Although it doesn't have to be that way, they certainly make it hard to have it any other way...  It's ashame.  It truly is.  But, I guess it's best that it's this way, at least for now.  Emotions are pretty raw on both sides and something might get said that shouldn't have been said and then things will go backwards instead of forwards.  And nobody wants that.

So, aside from some medical issues and some doctor's appointments, life has been generally quiet around here.  Nothing much to report.  So, nothing much to blog about.  I will however, post a blog after my first sleep study is over.  Apparently, it'll be like staying in a hotel.  Differences being, of course, that this particular hotel lacks in room service, there's no pool, and I can forget about any sort of concierge service as well.  I can look forward to being hooked up to loads of electrodes, having my whole night recorded, both audio and video, and I will be getting my own nurse to tuck me in and wake me up at 5:30 AM.

So, until then, thanks for reading and take care!

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