Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our Apollo (a cheesy little poem for my Siamese kitten)

You came to us tiny and scared
You looked at me with your blue eyes
Trusting and so confused
We took you in because we cared...

We knew your life was bad before
We wanted to show you something better
So we took you in and cleaned you up
But, the first few days, you hid in a drawer.

After getting to know us a bit better
You started to come around more often
Sometimes just to eat or play,
You certainly had being a kitten down to the letter.

Now you purr, cuddle, and love
And we couldn't ask for a better cat.
We have found a friend for life in you
You're like an angel sent from above...

Even as you climb onto our backs
And chase the red dot around everywhere
We still love everything about you
Even your silly and off the wall playful acts.

Apollo, it seems you're always on a mission
But it's never to chase those rats.
Your ears are slightly bigger than normal
They allow you to hear my voice and listen...

When you nap with me during the day
Or cuddle with me during the night
You are a pretty cool cat
Full of strange personality, I'd say.

Thanks for making my frowns go away
And thanks for keeping me company
I love you so very much Apollo
Now, go kill a mouse!
And in this house you can stay...

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