Friday, October 11, 2013

This and That part 4

You've heard it many times. 
All of my excuses on why I don't get around to blogging, however, are valid ones.
Just been trying to live life, one long day at a time.

So, for awhile, I was dealing with sickness.  Some sort of viral infection that had me coughing and sneezing and had my ears hurting.
After I was on the mend, Olivia got real sick.  In fact, she was so ill, I brought her to the emergency room. 
Let's see, she was put on antibiotics and something for pain in her ears as well.
The very next day, John woke me up and told me how bad he was feeling.

I woke up with a kick start in the pants when I realized it was John talking to me.

That man never gets sick.

He was feeling so bad, he had me call 911 for him because he thought that perhaps he was having a heart attack.

It wasn't heart related, thank the good Lord.  But, he did have a pretty bad case of pneumonia. 

After we all got better, I started seeing a new pain management doctor. 
He was all the way up in Allentown.  But, he knew his stuff and has me taking a new narcotic and made me stop taking my other pain meds. 
I started keeping a pain diary since my visit with him. 
A friend told me how depressing pain diaries are.  She's right.  This thing is so sad to look at.  But, it's important, if I'm going to get the best help possible, to keep track of daily pain.  It's not enough to just say, "I hurt every day." 
I do hurt every day.
But, it helps to know what else the day brought. 
Maybe I was super stressed that day.  Or maybe it was just a regular day and I still felt like I wanted to cut my own feet off.  What if I was cleaning that day and I noticed that I couldn't clean without taking a break every 10 minutes. 
All of the important information goes into my newly started pain diary.

I'm glad this pain management doctor isn't wasting my time either.  He went over past meds, current meds and right away put me on something stronger than I've ever taken before.  I am not after feeling like a zombie though.
I have a daughter I'm trying to raise.  I need real pain relief without the feeling of "cloudiness" or "empty headedness"  that goes along with almost all of the narcotics out there.  But, if I could get a drug out there that helps minimize my pain (at the very least) but yet keeps me feeling semi - human, I will be very grateful. 

I also recently started attending a women's Bible study.  I am really enjoying my journey with the book we're working on.  I was a little intimidated at first, but, after getting to know the women, I find that they're all after the same thing I am. 
Answers.  Answers to burning questions as to how and why God speaks to us.  And why He allows things to continue. 
I haven't received all of my answers yet.  And to be quite honest, I don't suspect to.  But, I do think that I am getting closer....

Anyway, I guess that's it for now...
Next time I blog, I want to blog about my past.  Just give you, my dear readers, a glimpse of what my life used to be like....
I hope you'll all enjoy it...
For now, thanks for reading...
Take Care...

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