Monday, September 9, 2013

Slow Dancing by the Fire on Jeep Island

Well, as far as camping trips go, the last one we just ventured on was probably one of my favorites...
It is certainly in the top 3 on the camping scale. 

I know why I enjoyed this one more than I have the other countless trips.

I do try to have fun in each scenario we find ourselves in, but I have to admit that some camping trips I'd like to try and forget.

But, never this past one. 

I'll never ever forget this past camping adventure on an unnamed island on the Schuylkill river.  Well, technically, it isn't named by anyone that can put it on a map.  But, John named this island Jeep Island.  

Why, you ask?

Because when he first started camping on that island with his best bud Mike, they found a miniature jeep on the island.  You know, one of those cars that little kids ride around in?  Well, there was a jeep version of those cars on the island.  Hence the name... Jeep Island....

They've camped on other islands before too.  Throughout conversations with John and overhearing John on the phone with Mike, I have heard several names for the islands....
Let's see...
Jeep Island, Daytona Beach, Spider Island, Turd Island....
I think there's one more. 

But anyway, we ended up on Jeep Island.

And we had so much fun!

From the time we get to the island to the time we leave the island, my husband John is the most caring individual there is. 

This time was no exception.

We "docked" our "catamaran" that John made (don't worry, I'll post a pic of it later), and he helps me out of the canoe and always pulls out my camping chair, and orders me to relax and enjoy the view while he unloads and sets everything up.   Every single time.

Then, after everything is unloaded and set up, John will start making his coffee and he always asks if I would like a cup.  Then he'll make mine, put in the perfect amount of creamer in it, and hands it to me...

This particular trip was so much more than just enjoying nature or exploring some of the woods surrounding us...
This past trip was more of a "romantic getaway" for us.

I had no idea that this man had so much up his sleeve for this weekend...  I just thought it was going to be like the other camping trips we went on - and like I stated above, I always try to have fun no matter where we are...

John made me my favorite Mountain House meal, poured me something to drink and we sat there, at the fire eating our dinner.  The fire itself seemed to know that it had to burn for a long time....  It was so big and orange and warm, it was just perfection inside of a fire ring.

After dinner, John put on some music on Pandora.  And we listened to it and just sat by the fire.  Every now and again, we'd make some small talk, but we've been married for so long, small talk isn't always necessary.  We were just happy being there.  We were living in the moment, that is for sure.

Then, one song came on.  A song that - for my own girly reasons - I've been thinking a lot about.  It's a song we both danced to at John's senior prom.  When it came on, John was stoking the fire a bit.  He turned and looked at me, extended his hand, helped me up out of my chair, and locked me into a warm embrace that almost took my breath away. 
He quietly asked me if  "I wanted to dance."  

And so we danced. 

The moon above us, the fire next to us and the warmth of each others arms and just like that, I was in Heaven.  We were the only people on Earth that evening.  And it was something straight out of a Harlequin Romance novel... 
Of course, he didn't stop romancing me after our slow dance by the fire.  But, those other details, those very special and intimate details stay between John and me. 

Let me say though, that I didn't think I could love John any more than I did that evening before we danced on Jeep Island.  But, I was wrong.  I fell more in love with him that night.  And I cannot stop smiling. 

Some girls get flowers (don't get me wrong, I've gotten the bouquets every now and then too) and some girls get chocolates. 

I got what I needed.  A loving and caring guy.  A guy who is forgiving, compassionate, full of humor, and full of romantic gestures.  A guy that I know in the bottom of my heart, God sent to me.

I know alot of you are rolling your eyes or sick of my saying how good I have it.  How I hit the jackpot in the husband category.  And that's ok.  I really don't care what you naysayers think. 

John himself gets weird looks when he's with the guys and they're all complaining about their wives.  They look at him like he has three eyes when he says how happily married he is.  But, we are.  We are more than happily married.  We're practically giddy about our marriage.  And in December, we'll be married for 14 years.  And I'm more in love with my husband than ever before. 

My John takes such good care of me.  He really does... 
And it's the little things too that he does. 
Did you know that he put a lift kit onto his Jeep.  And that it's near impossible for me to climb in and out of it.  He keeps a folding stool in his Jeep for me.  Gets it out when I'm getting in and back out again when I get out.  How freakin' sweet is he?????   But those are the kinds of things that he does that makes me realize that he is the best husband in the world.

My heart and soul longs for John when he's away.  He truly is my other half.  And I'm not complete without that man...

So, roll your eyes and laugh at me if you want. 

But, while you're rolling your eyes, I'm busy being loved by the most awesome guy in the world....

two canoes held together by ratchet straps and polyurethane boards

two canoes held together by ratchet straps and polyurethane boards

my handsome hubby planting a kiss on my cheek for the camera <3

the view from Jeep Island

we sleep in hammocks when we camp

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