Friday, October 24, 2014

Consistently Constant

I don't have much to say tonight.
Mostly, it's because I spent the better part of my fall - thus far - being sick in some sort of way.  Between the flu, bronchitis, and that mysterious stomach bug, I've been to preoccupied to even care about posting on my blog.
Tonight, while I sit here and sip on my delicious mug of hot apple cider, I finally feel well enough, not just in body, but in my soul as well, to post a little something for my few but dear readers.

I have been doing an awful lot of TV watching lately.  I really don't fill my days up with productive work anymore since becoming disabled, so TV is my buddy through out the day.  TV is what keeps me company while she is at school and he is at work...
All I see anymore is what's going on with the Ebola scare and ISIS.  People with protective masks on their faces and other people with guns on their backs.  Lots of scary stuff is going on in this crazy messed up world.
I am thankful that my problems aren't nearly as tough as others have it.  I am grateful that my biggest concern is where to get my flu shot or when availability is to have blood work done.

And as my hours of TV watching turn into hours of falling asleep in my comfortable bed, I am really happy that I have the two most awesome people in the world to wake up to in the morning.

Things like ISIS and Ebola don't bother me here in my little and tiny part of this world.  My biggest scare is whether or not Apollo was able to catch the mouse in time before said mouse scurried back into its hole.  And I am unsure if this makes me really really appreciative and thankful or if it makes me really really selfish, but I am going to continue to be happy that I (for now) don't have to worry about the war going on across the world or the deadly virus that is taking over our TV screens...

John and Olivia are always going to be my constants.
My constant joy.
My constant happiness.
My constant concern.
My constant love.

Sure, I know that using that word - constant - is me just lying to myself.  Nobody lives forever, therefore neither one of them can be my constant anything.   But, for now, that's exactly what they are...

Those two are my constants.

John and I have been watching Olivia go through some tough times.  These awkward teenage years are proving to be a "constant" stressor in Olivia's life.  We have been noticing different ideas, different thought patterns, different ways of speaking in our teenage daughter.  Not all of it is a bad thing.  But, for the most part, being a teenager is becoming a bit too much for Olivia to bear.
Some of you know the worst of it, most of you don't.  And John and I plan on keeping the "worst" of it to ourselves.  Reserved for those that just "need to know" or those we choose to tell.  That's ok...  We're our own family  We're our own unit of support and guidance throughout these difficult times.  And I know that because we have raised our daughter right, and we have removed things and people from her life that no longer make her life positive, that she (and us as well) will get through this...

We have no doubt that our constant love and never ending support will help Olivia stay afloat and thrive during her teen years - and God willing, beyond.

So, I guess that's it for now... Sorry that this is one of those "vague" posts, but I am sure you understand...

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