Saturday, April 6, 2013

John's Bench Top Thread Injector

The sound of a sewing machine is something that I remember from way back when... (um... seriously, how long ago was that??)  when I was in 7th and 8th grade and in Mrs. Nichols-Leinbach's class.  I was 13 or 14 at the time.   I think I passed the sewing portion with a low C average.  Can't be sure. 
I can be sure of what my husband's grade was in that class however.
An 11%. 
That's right.
Eleven percent.So, imagine my surprise the other week when he walked out of his mom's home with a sewing machine in tow. 
I mean, we did talk about him making his own "camping gear".  He says he wants to save money and make "his own shit."  Ok... Fine.  What did he want to make?   Everything from tarps to hammocks has him as excited as a cat with a struggling mouse in it's grasp. 
For about a month or so, he'd say things like, "Doesn't your mom or sister have a sewing machine?"  or something like "Hey, we should get a sewing machine.  Maybe you could learn to sew."

I would laugh.  I would respond with "What?  Me?  Sew?  Are you kidding?"

I only have a sewing kit here at home to hold all the fabric glue that I keep handy, because I just don't sew.
I remember early on in our marriage, I needed to sew a button onto John's shirt and I held out my hand (to take said shirt) with great confidence and told him I'd have it ready in no time.
Two days later, I still didn't fix the button and I think I added a new line of thread to his shirt.  So, my mom sewed that button on for him and we really didn't discuss my lack of domestic capability after that.
God bless that man for staying with me for so long. 
So, after he set up his "bench top thread injector" (cause real men don't use sewing machines) he got to work on making various things. 
First he had to practice.  So, he found some old nylon walls from an Easy-Up in our shed and started sewing. 
He learned how to sew by watching You Tube videos.  Can you believe it?  Not only can you watch crazy clips of the punk kid next door slamming into the ground off of his skateboard, but you can also learn to sew.  Simply amazing!
And there are quite a lot of men out there doing it too!  I couldn't believe how many men there were on You Tube with "bench top thread injectors" (giggle, giggle) and using them to make real things! 

So, almost every night, while I sit at the computer playing Candy Crush Saga or scroll Facebook, John can be found behind me making his own camping gear. 
I did tell him that he needs to watch out.  He's getting super good at it.... He'll be making me a new purse or fixing the buttons on my shirts. 

I posted a few pics of John's latest feat with his sewing machine (ooops....)  bench top thread injector.  He made a stuff sack to hole his Jet Boil kit with room to even hold the extra fuel.

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  1. Mrs. Nichols-Leinbach! What a blast from the past! I still have the turtle pillow and bright pink tote bag I made in her class and I can still hear her voice saying "Dawn is for washing dishes, not your hands." LOL She was my ninth-grade homeroom teacher. That was my last year at Boone.

    Great job, John!


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