Thursday, March 14, 2013

This and That part 2

Yippee!  I feel like a free woman!  No more loading up syringes and no more dialing a pen to stick somewhere in my body... For two to three days at a time, I can just put in my blood glucose and my carb intake with the push of a few buttons, and that's that! 
I must say,  I am highly impressed and elated at this newfound freedom. 
Yeah, I still have to prick my fingers several times a day, but the fact that I don't have to stick myself with a fresh needle in various body parts SEVERAL times a day leaves me feeling, well, giddy...
I haven't stopped smiling since I hooked up today with insulin at the endocrinologist's office. 
No sir... just smiles today and a feeling of freedom. 
So, with that said, we did manage to muck our way to Philadelphia on Tuesday.  I had GPS'ed it, mapquested it, and even had an old map in the car.  All for our trip to see this "great" doctor who would've more than likely told me what I already know. 
That I'm broken.  He probably would've told me about the (already established known fact) neuropathy in my feet and legs and maybe would've given me another fancy label to take back home. 
But, when we got into the city, our GPS had us to 3 different places, all Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, and all the wrong Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.  I'm telling ya, we spent more time driving around the same two blocks in Philly that the actual trip to Philly. 
When frustration turned to anger and resentment - frustrated because we went to three totally different places, all named what was on my paper, and none of these places were right!  Anger because nobody, not one single person, could give us any better direction than, "Go down the street, and make a _____"  I have to use a cane to walk.  Not only do my feet burn and hurt and sometimes go totally numb without warning, but I have loads of arthritis in my back which makes walking a necessary evil.  So, when someone says, "Go down the street a ways and make a ____",  all I want to do is ask them how it feels when they walk.... And resentment at all the other people who managed to find their doctor's offices without crying out in utter pain...
So, after three huge failures, we left the city of Philly, and almost got out of the car to kiss 422 when we got onto it. 
How do people do it?  Day after day?  Sitting in hours of traffic and dealing with all the morons who share the road?  They have to be making some pretty hard core money for them to do that 5 days a week.  Because that's the only way I could justify wasting that much time.
We used to drive to Philly, several times a week, when I was pregnant with Olivia.  My specialist was there and after awhile, we grew somewhat accustomed to the drive, but that doesn't mean we didn't get frustrated on every single trip made....  Cause we did. 
And this time was way worse.  I'm here to tell ya, that the place I was supposed to go... the place I had an address for... it just DOES NOT exist. 
So, needless to say, didn't see this so called "expert" because he practices in crappy city where there is absolutely no "brotherly love". 
I will mention my distaste for the commute we made to my doctor at the end of the month when I go in to see her.  I have a feeling that there is one or two more "experts" that can do the same thing this doc in Philly was gonna do, right here in my comfort zone. 
So, here I am, hooked up to my insulin pump, with actual insulin running through it, and really happy about it...
My endocrinologist is also hooking me up to a CGM - continuous glucose monitor- another piece of high tech equipment that I will be wearing alongside my insulin pump. 
I am just so thrilled that we live in such a good medical age.  While I have being a diabetic, I am sure that I would've hated it a lot more 30 years ago...

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