Monday, February 4, 2013

The Migraine Hangover

As a migraine sufferer for many years, I've taken all the medicines under the sun for a migraine.  Today, I spent the day popping Fioricet and hoping for the best. 
While it finally kicked in, about three doses later, I was on the phone with my doc to call in a new prescription strength pill for my horrible and draining migraines. 
She obliged, and eventually called in a drug called Maxalt.  I've taken that miracle drug before.  And while it is a very highly effective pill in relieving my migraines, it leaves me in a fog after taking it. 
That is what I like to call a "migraine hangover". 
What is a migraine hangover? 
Good question.
A migraine hangover comes immediately following a migraine.  I've taken the allotted amount of medicines. It's the point where the head is no longer pounding, I no longer feel like putting a gun to my head, and lights and noises no longer make me want to scream.  The migraine is gone, but I still have a headache... a distant, but ever present, dull pain.  During one of these hangovers, I feel like I'm walking through mud.  Or in a fog.  Not really "all there."  My limbs feel as though they weigh a hundred pounds and I have trouble comprehending even the simplest of things.  What an odd feeling it is.  There are times during a migraine hangover that I almost feel euphoric. 
I am not sure if the various drugs I've taken cause these "hangovers".  I mean, I've had migraines since I hit puberty.  I can clearly remember my very first migraine attack.  I was just 12 years old.  I really thought I was dying.  My migraines weren't as frequent back then like they are now.  The older I got, the more frequent they became.  My first prescription strength pill was given to me before I could even drive a car.  And even thinking about that time, I cannot clearly recall if I had what I like to call the "migraine hangover."
I do know that all of my different health issues will fuel the migraines I get today.  For instance, a dip and then sudden  rise in my blood glucose levels will trigger a headache that ALWAY turn into a full fledged migraine.
And believe me, a headache is NOT a migraine. I love it when I am out and about, and someone is standing in line at the post office or at the grocery store telling the clerk that they have a migraine.  No they don't.  If they had a migraine, they wouldn't be standing anywhere.  They'd be in bed trying to get rid of said migraine. 
I've gotten migraines while I was out.  I'm immediately doubled over in pain, crying, and begging for anything that people have in their purses or pockets (if I don't have my migraine pills) - ibuprofen, Tylenol, ANYTHING...There were times when I had to call John to come get me to take me home because I couldn't stand the sunlight enough to drive home. 
One of these days, a miracle migraine pill will come along.  Not the ones you take to get rid of one.  A pill that actually prevents them from happening in the first place.  I'll be first I line for those pills.  If a pill like that already exist, let me know.  So far, the hundreds of different doctors I've visited in different times in my life have never told me about such a pill. 
I know it seems like every blog I write has some sort of ailment in it that I'm complaining about. 
While that is true, it's also a big part of who I am. I have many, many health issues.  Many complaints.  Many problems.  But it's also one of the reasons why I even started to blog anyway.  I feel as I might help at least one person out there who may be afflicted like I am...
So, I guess that's it for now...
Till next time...

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