Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The definition of Robble

It's a very late 10:12 in the AM...  John and I had slept in today, on a freakin' Tuesday.  Very unlike us.  But, today we had plans to renew our driver's licenses and to go to one of my doctor's appointments.  And since John is partially unemployed and has like 4 weeks of paid vacation, he decided to just take the day off.
I did stumble out of bed somewhere around the 6:45 am time, just in time to see what Olivia was up to before she left the house to wait for the school bus.  I took one look at her, decided what she was wearing was an "ok"  choice for school, I insisted that I put her hair up (she does have gym today) and I asked her if she ate breakfast here, or if she had planned on getting it at school.  One question is all she can manage to answer in the mornings, so she told me that she would get it at school. 
I had to run to the bathroom so I kissed her and hugged her goodbye and "robbled" to the bathroom.
Oh, I'm sorry.  You don't know what the word "robble" means.  It's John's word.  He made it up one day as I was hurrying to beat him the coffee pot before he could take the last of it.  It's "running" and "hobbling" at the same time.  You see, I walk with a cane most of the time.  And running is out of the question, but I do still try to do it... Therefore, a new word will be added to the dictionary as soon as Webster picks up on it, and wham - Robble.   It'll be a verb, of course. 
Anywho, I ended up (like many mornings) waking up with a freakin' headache.  This one is not a migraine, although, I've waken up with those too.  No, this was just a bad headache.  I took three of my prescription pills for them and fell back to sleep.  Only to wake up at 10:00 and I still have my headache, but now I realize that it's too late to do the things we need to do and still make it home in time for Olivia  off the bus. 
I already cancelled my dr's appointment.  I really didn't wanna go anyway.  It was going to be an utterly useless waste of my time and gas in my car.  It was a follow up to a pain management appointment I had a month ago.  And while I was happy at my first appointment with them, they ended up sending me to a jerk of a physical therapist.  And they refused to call me back after I complained and requested to see a new physical therapist. I must've called 3 different times.  So, fuck 'em.  I ain't going back there.  I'll get my family doctor to send me to a new physical therapist. 
I put on some fresh caffeine and can hear it brewing.  I think I'll have a cup of joe and see if I can manage to make my headache go away. 
Tata for now people!

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