Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Survived the End of the World and Look Forward to a New Beginning

As this year's Christmas season is finally ending, I am beginning to realize that I have a love/hate relationship with the whole thing. 
I love the music.  Especially the Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas music, but I don't turn off the classic tunes either.  I can really snap my fingers to Jingle Bell Rock and sit and ponder the wonderment of the Christmas spirit when listening to Silver Bells or Away in a Manger.  I also enjoy watching our daughter open up that perfect gift that I've been desperately trying not to tell her about. 
I'm also a sucker for the classic movies they put on in December.  The Christmas Carol, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, even Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (even though Santa was a complete dick in that movie)...
But, on the other hand -
What is with the people???  The grumpy shoppers, the idiots in the parking lot, or the rude retailers?  I must admit that this Christmas, my generous spirit of giving and gratitude went down a few notches. 
So, with two more family get togethers to get through (yes, I realize how bad that sounds...) I think I will take my decorations down this year a bit earlier than in the past with a new appreciation to just plain old, normal days - well, as normal as it has been this past year. 
Every marriage has good years and bad years.  Not to say our actual marriage is bad.  Because it's not.  But, the circumstances we found ourselves in have been just downright depressing.  The utter loneliness of being so poor.  Not being able to go out and do anything.  The constant doctor's appointments.  The constant medical tests.  The constant worrying about my court hearing.  Ugh, I'll be very happy to say goodbye to this dreadful year.  Good riddance to 2012. 
I'll say this though... There has been so many blessings bestowed upon us throughout this ordeal.  Friends helping out with groceries.  The church helping out with some financial needs.  Family helping out with other financial needs.  I've seen generosity in my life that I don't think I could appreciate without all the hard times we went through.
I'm happy to report that the world DID NOT end.  I'll be making T-shirts that say "I Survived the End of the World" or "Take That Mayans" or something to that effect.  LOL!  How silly some people must've felt,  loading up on supplies for the apocalypse that didn't happen.  I mean, I know at some point the world will actually end.  Let's just hope it doesn't happen in my lifetime.  And if it does end, and I am unfortunate enough to witness it, I pray it ends with me being happily drunk or in the middle of some great sex... ;)
I look forward to 2013.  I'll be eating pork and sauerkraut (as usual) on January 1st, and making one or two resolutions that I'm sure I'll forget about in two weeks time. 
Here's to a new year.  May it be a better one than last year.

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