Saturday, August 16, 2014

"And I'd Like to Thank All the Stupid People"

As far as stupidity goes, and even idiotic people go, I could rattle off names of people that I not only know, but are also in my family - and we're talking both sides of my family... They pretty much know who they are. Whether or not they read my blog posts on the other hand, I do not know.   Nor do I care.

And when John and I discuss these stupid and idiotic people, we both just come to the conclusion that most of the people on my list shouldn't be getting as much thought as we are giving them.

We have so much more to worry about then the ignorance of people in our lives.

He's right.

He's so right...

Perhaps I put too much thought into smacking people upside their heads or simply just analyzing what these people do and say is taking too much of my time.  Why should I give these unbalanced and rash people so much power?  Why do I let them seep into my thoughts (certainly not on a daily basis, but more often than I should) and why, oh why do I even care?

I can tell you that I do care for a number of reasons.

The first reason is the most obvious one.

Some of the people on my "How Can People Be So Dumb?" list are members of my family.  Some more closely related than others.  And what do we do with family?  We love them.  We love them and we want to see these people succeed and have good lives.
But the decisions these people make are just so dumb and so "not thought out" that I am surprised to find they are still living and breathing next time I see them... No joke.

**Seriously, how some of them manage to even dress themselves is a shock to me...**

But, for the life of me, I cannot say that I understand why people are the way they are.
The ones that are really bad are the ones that are nice to your face, but mean and judgmental behind your back...  Other examples of how foolish these people are, are the many bad decisions that they make for their lives, day after day and week after week, and month after month....   Again, how do they manage to even dress themselves each morning???
 I really want to know... I suppose my burning question will never be answered...

As a woman of God, I can say these things without malice or ill intent.
I too was once fool hardy and I too made ludicrous choices for my own life.  And as a direct result of these poorly executed ideas and thoughts, I have suffered and have paid very deep prices.
But, with each and every bad decision, I quickly learned to grow and I learned to behave and react in different ways.
Of course, that's what life is all about, isn't it?

To live your life, make certain compromises and then to learn from these either really awful judgments or really grand decisions.  For example, if I prefer option A  to option B, how would it make my life, or the lives around me different?  How will making this determination affect those around me??

So, when I speak about these really crazy and insane decision  makers in my life, I am not being mean.  Just spewing out the truth.  For those not yet fully immersed into the rabbit hole, you'll read this and probably smack yourself on the forehead and say, "Yup.  She's right.  I need to start making better choices."
But the majority of the people on my list are too far gone.  They are sitting comfortably - for now - in their meaningless lives, thinking that either everyone else is at fault or that their lives are somehow good enough to keep going.  To keep going making the poor and rash judgments and choices.

People who happen to be branded as stupid is often because it's the direct result of either one single massive bad choice or a whole bunch of little bad choices made time and time again.

I truly hope that these senseless and silly people will open their eyes though.  One day (not too awfully far into the future) they will realize that being mean and being foolhardy in their lives not only makes people resent them, but also subtracts from the number of guests at their own funerals.

Like I said before, I am not being mean or hurtful - and should anyone reading this actually think this post is about you, it probably is - I'm just executing my right as an American to express my opinion and to memorialize my opinions onto my blog.

After all of this, you're might be thinking, "Does this girl have any friends?  If she feels this way about everyone, how does she even get along with other people?"
I only have a select few of names on my list of utterly ridiculous people, and like I stated above, if you think you're included on that list, you probably are.
However, for the most part, I like to surround myself with good natured and honest humans.  Though, it's not just humans of kindness that I prefer.  I love most of the furry friends in my life as well.  My four legged friends never ever lied to me, nor have they ever talked behind my back... (oooohhhh.... animals that act like humans.  Great next blog post idea!!!  LOL)

And let's not forget that the stupid morons in my life really deserve my thanks as well.  For without them in my life, I wouldn't get to really appreciate those in my life that make me smile and those that make me miss them when I'm away from them.

Let me end with that...
A direct and heartfelt thanks to the people in my life that are so dumb and so idiotic, that without them, I couldn't enjoy those in my life who are truly kindred spirits and those who truly lift me up in solid and caring ways.

This goes out to the utterly stupid and highly ridiculous.   Thanks!

Side note:  This post isn't about anyone in particular.  Just observations made in my 35 years on this planet.  I come across total strangers every time I exit my house that could easily earn a spot on my "How Can People Be So Dumb" list.  But, if you're thinking that this post is about you or you take offense, simply stop being so dumb.  :)

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